Our Top 10 Best VPN Services of 2017 | Top Picks For October

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a service that helps keep your identity and online activities private from prying eyes and hackers over the Internet. In this post, we have covered our 10 best VPN services for 2017 with their reviews to help you pick the best.

Before that let me tell you…

Why Do You Need a VPN?

1. Security

From the perspective of security, using a VPN is of great importance. Don’t take your online security for granted and install a secure VPN that’ll shield you from anonymous attacks and many cyber attacks such as data theft and virus attacks to name a few.

A VPN will hide your IP address and act as a shield from malicious hackers.

2. Privacy

Need I say more? In the world where everything is just only one google away, protecting your privacy is of great essence. Stay secure and browse the Internet in a private manner with a VPN backing your router.

. Unlimited Access to Restricted Content

Some torrents, websites and media content is restricted due to geo-restrictions and ISP throttling. However, with a VPN service you’ll be able to circumvent all these limitations and enjoy anonymous torrenting or streaming otherwise restricted media content easily.

As an example have you ever used a media service like Kodi?

Many add-ons on Kodi are blocked due to ISP restrictions. However with a best Kodi VPN on your system, you can bypass it all.

You wanted to know the reasons and it was fair enough.

Now that you know the great need and benefits of a VPN service, let’s get into the curated list of top rated VPN services of 2017.

Best VPN Services of 2017 – Cheap, Fast and Secure

1. IPVanish [Editor’s Choice]

IPVanish is one of the most popular VPN recommended by top sites and blogs over the Internet. With this Tier-1 best VPN provider you’ll have access to 40,000+ shared IPs, 850+ VPN servers in 60+ countries.

Apart from being the world’s largest and fastest VPN, you are also safe from prying eyes with IPVanish zero log policy. This means no traces of your browsing history is ever recorded by IPVanish.

With less than $7, you can connect 5 devices simultaneously over the best VPN provider in the market. Also, unlimited bandwidth means faster network speed and encryption of sensitive data with 256-bit Encryption.

Multiple VPN protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols help to make IPVanish more powerful and adaptable across all devices.

Unlimited Server Switching, 24/7 customer care support and 7 day Money-back Guarantee are some other features that make IPVanish the best VPN service of 2017.


> Cheap & Fast VPN Network
> 5 Simultaneous Connections
> Zero Log Policy
> 24/7 Customer Care
> 7 Day Money Back Guarantee


> Free trial is not available
> Doesn’t work in China

Pricing for IPVanish:

$10 for one Month
$8.99/month for 3 Months
$6.49/month for 12 Months

Get IPVanish at maximum discount here.

2. PureVPN

PureVPN is another user-friendly and powerful VPN service with an access to over 500+ servers and a Smart DNS feature.

If you’re a frequent Chinese websites visitor, PureVPN is an ideal choice as it is one of the rare VPN services that can circumvent Mainland China. Other notable features include Automatic Kill switch and DDoS protection.

This proxy server is available and compatible with most devices and has a great user-friendly interface.

You can safely try PureVPN with a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 24/7 Live customer care support at your service.


> P2P support on select servers.
> User Friendly
> 5 Devices Connection
> 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
> Global presence
> Fast Speed
> Smart DNS
> Unlimited Bandwidth


> Bugs with IPv6
> OpenVPN protocol is not supported
> Trial version unavailable
> Slow streaming speed

Pricing of PureVPN:

$11 for one Month
$9/ month for 6 Months
$2.95/month for 24 Months

Get PureVPN here

3. NordVPN

With NordVPN, you can be rest assured about your privacy as this top rated VPN service comes with a DoubleVPN feature. This feature generates two layers of security for encrypting your data.

A strong global footprint with 534 servers in 47+ countries and a connection support of 6 devices simultaneously ranks this best VPN service on number 3 on our best VPN list.

The reliability factor also remains unquestionable for NordVPN because of its strong protocol suite. Installation is also quick and quite easy to understand with a user-friendly interface.

Get NordVPN for one-month on a trial period and experience the multiple security features yourself.


> Six devices connection simultaneously
> DoubleVPN feature
> Automatic Kill Switch and Zero Traffic Logging
> Reasonably priced
> Large Global Network with a strong reliability factor


> IPv6 Leakage protection unavailable
> Custom server section not supported
> Disconnection problem in few servers

Pricing for NordVPN

$11.95 for one Month
$7/Month for 6 Months
$5.75/Month for 12 Months

Get NordVPN here.

4. ExpressVPN

With a secure blanket of 30 days Money Back Guarantee, you may give ExpressVPN service a go. With servers spread across 145+ countries, multiplatform support and unlimited bandwidth, this VPN provider is a fairly good choice.

Access censored sites and media content on Netflix and BBC and switch server innumerable times only with ExpressVPN.

However, it may be noted that with just 3 devices connection support, this VPN service is priced at little on the higher side.


> Multi-platform support
> Spread across 145+ countries
> Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Switches
> 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
> Live Chat support


> A little pricey
> Few hiccups with Windows 10 users.

Pricing for ExpressVPN

$12.95 for one Month
$9.99/Month for 6 Months
$8.32/Month for 12 Months

Get ExpressVPN here.

5. Private Internet Access (PIA)

If you own an older OS, PIA will most likely work on that as well.

One of the oldest and most reliable VPN service provider, PIA has more than 3000 servers in 24 countries. This best VPN service also offers protection from IPv6 leakage and blocks irrelevant and annoying snooping by advertisers, big data collectors and personal information access over the Internet.

Offering simultaneous login from 5 devices with a cross-platform support and instant setup, I would highly recommend this VPN.


> Security mechanism Blowfish CBC
> Blocks annoying ads
> Protection from IPv6 leakage
> Compatible with older OS versions
> Cross Platform support
> Multiple payment gateways available


> Slow server speed
> Only single server type supported
> Server availability in fewer countries

Pricing for Private Internet Access

$6.95 for 1 Month
$5.99/Month for 6 Months
$3.33/Month for 12 Months

Get PIA here.

6. VyprVPN

Owning more than 700 servers in 70+ countries and having a NAT firewall, VyprVPN boasts multiple features and is considered as one of the best VPN services of 2017.

Using advanced VPN protocols and Cloud VPN, this VPN also includes add-ons for expanded security and extremely fast browsing speed.

Another noteworthy feature is unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol inclusion that prevents VPN blocking.

A free trial version of VyprVPN is also available.


> NAT Firewall Support
> Additional VPN add-ons available.
> Cloud VPN
> 700+ servers owned
> Cross-platform
> 24/7 customer care support


> Keeps data logs that may compromise your privacy
> Price is on the higher end

Pricing of VyprVPN

$5/Month for 12 Months

$6.67/Month for 12 Months of premium version

Get VyprVPN here.

7. VPNArea

Awarded as the best VPN service of 2017 by, VPNArea keeps the malicious intruders away and your sensitive information secure using unbreakable 256-bit encryption scheme. Having a vast VPN network with shared IP servers across 60+ countries, this top rated VPN service is known for its high speed and better browsing experience.

Also, it checks how busy a server is before connecting with “Server load monitor” to ensure unlimited bandwidth and a stable VPN service at all times.

Automatic IP switch ensures improved connectivity over 6 simultaneously connected devices.


> Server Load Monitor feature
> Own DNS servers
> Ad Blocking and Zero Traffic Logs
> Protection from DNS and IPv6 leaks
> Auto IP switch for better connectivity


> Connection Drop notification unavailable
> Fewer advanced features

Pricing for VPNArea

$9.90 for 1 Month
$8.33/Month for 6 Months
$4.92/Month for 12 Months

Get VPNArea Here.

8. Buffered

Buffered is another top VPN service provider known primarily for its fast connectivity and speed for streaming Live media over the Internet. With 33+ and more servers being added on request, Buffered is quick and easy to install.

Also offering a 30 day money back guarantee, Buffered offers fastest connectivity with UK servers. This VPN service also provides prevention from DNS leakage and keeps no tracks with its zero logging policy.

However, you must consider that this VPN service provider isn’t compatible with many old version of Operating system.

So, before you make the purchase, just do a quick hardware compatibility test with this most popular VPN.


> Fast and reliable network speed even in UK (Most VPN’s fail with UK servers)
> 5 devices simultaneous connection
> Additional servers added on request
> 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


> Customer care service is slow
> Compatible with limited OS versions
> Conflicts with Antivirus software
> Highly priced

Pricing for Buffered

$12.99 for one Month
$9.99/Month for 6 Months
$7.75/Month for 12 Months

Get Buffered Here.

9. BulletVPN

Just like its name, this best VPN service of 2017 offers lightning-speed browsing and downloading over the web. Also featuring a user-friendly app, this VPN service provider keeps no track of your browsing history and allows unlimited server switches.

More so, if you’re unsatisfied, no worries!

BulletVPN comes with a 30 Days Money Back guarantee. It also keeps your data secure with industry standard protocols for high level of encryption.

Not to forget, you also get unlimited bandwidth with multiple servers around the globe.


> Lightning speed
> Zero Data Log Policy
> User Friendly mobile apps
> 30 Days money back guarantee
> Unlimited Bandwidth
> Easy installation
> 24/7 customer care support


> Only 3 devices connection available
> Kill switch is unavailable
> Maintains session logs

Pricing for BulletVPN

$10.98 for one Month
$9.16/Month for 6 Months
$7.50/Month for 12 Months

Get BulletVPN here.

10. StrongVPN

A U.S. based VPN service provider with its own DNS servers promises to provide users a safe browsing experience. Having 600 servers in 20+ countries, StrongVPN offers two highlight features.

First being, automatic Kill Switch that shuts off all apps on disconnection from VPN. Second feature is scrambling which includes an additional layer of security displaying normal Internet traffic when connected to VPN.

Supporting all major platforms this VPN shows disappointment with only 2 devices connection support at a given time.


> 600 servers in 20+ countries
> Automatic Kill Switch
> Scrambling Feature
> Zero Data Logs
> Owns DNS servers
> Breaks the China Security wall
> Faster connectivity speed


> Only 2 simultaneous device connections
> Bugs in server switch mechanism

Pricing for StrongVPN

$10 for one Month
$8/Month for 3 Months
$5.83/Month for 12 Months

Get StrongVPN here.

Best VPN Service of 2017- Final Verdict

VPN is a must-have necessary software that keeps your data and identity secure from cyber attacks and malicious hackers with strong protocols and encryption schemes.

While all these VPN services are rated as most popular and top notch, our personal recommendation would be IPVanish VPN service. This VPN service ranks on #1 position because of the largest VPN network it owns and a variety of additional features it offers at a meager price of $6.49 per month.

If you found this article useful, share it with your friends and family to spread the benefits and necessity of a VPN in their life.

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