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Top 15 FREE jQuery Plugins to Enhance Your Creativity

Hello My Tech Bits readers, we are very excited to share top jQuery plugins developed and released recently for our users. This article includes a list of 15 free jQuery plugins for June, which we feel are very useful, innovative, and timesaving solutions to all of your design and development issues you may have.

If you are familiar with any of the jQuery plugins listed in this guide, please share your experience with us, or if you think we missed few useful plugins, please share it with our readers in the comment box below.

Top 15 jQuery Plugins for June 2015:

1) OneBook 3d
This is an innovative jQuery plugin developed specially for designers and photographers. With OnBook3D, you can quickly create a jaw-dropping portfolio. It is highly flexible, customizable, and adaptive, and features auto-resizing images and full screen mode options to create an ideal photo album!

2) Swiper
Swiper is a modern mobile touch slider that has amazing native behavior and hardware accelerated transitions. It was intended to be used in mobile websites, web apps, and mobile native/hybrid apps as well. Originally designed for iOS, it works equally well on Windows Phone 8, latest Android, and modern desktop browsers.

3) jsSocials
jsSocials is a simple social sharing jQuery plugin available for everyone. It is easily extensible, flexible, and highly customizable. You can change its visual appearance by choosing one of the several themes available. You can also add any ‘unsupported’ social network.

4) Simple Timer
Simple Timer is a countdown timer jQuery plugin. It is easy to set up and configure. You can customize its behavior for different events, like when the clock is running out.

5) jQuery Labelauty
jQuery Labelauty  is a nice and tiny little jQuery plugin that gives an extra beauty to your checkboxes and radio buttons. Also, you can assign custom labels for each status of checked or unchecked inputs..

6) Tabcordion.js
Tabcordian.js is simple yet useful jQuery plugin that can change a set of tabs into an accordion. You can set it to perform this transformation based on the size of the viewport/container to offer responsive greatness to your rich UI.
7) ClassyPaypal
ClassyPaypal is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to add nice and stylish PayPal payment buttons on your web pages for secure and instant payments.

8) Bootstrap Progressbar
Bootstrap Progressbar is a new version of the basic Bootstrap Progressbar plugin that allows you to animate the progress bar by adding JavaScript with the existing CSS transitions. With Bootstrap Progressbar, you can show the current progress info in the bar or get the value through callback option.

9) Bootstrap Tab Drop
Bootstrap Tab Drop is a handy jQuery plugin that fits tabs that do not fit in a single row. This plugin takes the “not fitting tab” and places it in a new dropdown tab, where all that tabs that do not fit are place.

10) TinyTip
As the name implies, TinyTip is a tiny tooltip jQuery plugin that allows you to display any html, texts, content, and DOM elements inside your tooltips. It is a tooltip without the CSS. You can give it a unique style as you prefer because the plugin does not force any styling.

11) GraspSchedule.js
graspSchedule.js is a handy jQuery calendar plugin used as life-log application or as time schedule for your web pages.

12) Slideout.js
Slideout.js is a nice and simple touch slide out navigation menu designed for mobile web apps. It supports native scrolling and is dependency-free with simple markup. It is highly customizable and supports various CSS transitions and transformations. It is very lightweight – only 4 Kb.

13) AnimatedModal.js
AnimatedModal.js is a simple jQuery tool that allows you to create a full-screen modal using CSS3 transitions. Either you can use the transitions by animate.css or you can create your own transitions by yourself. It runs on almost all browsers, including Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and IE 10+.

14) Youmax
Just imagine your readers browsing your site for juicy tips and tricks while listening to 1-hour long track from their favorite YouTube channel. That is superior engagement right there and there is a plugin that lets you do that. Youmax is a simple jQuery plugin that will display any YouTube channel on your website. It displays the channel header, uploads, and playlists you can specify to display as a tab, whenever your readers login to your site the next time.

15) jQuery Chat
If you run a blog, a forum, or a large site, and allow instant chatting system on it, jQueryChat lets you do that. It is a plugin for instant messaging, just like Facebook/Gmail chat.

Summary – Top 15 jQuery Plugins for June 2015:

jQuery is used in almost every modern website and there’s a very good reason for that: web design and development is now extremely faster and easier. We hope that you will find this list useful for developing fast, robust, and highly innovative website in coming days.

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