Up-And-Coming Smartphone Gaming Apps in 2016

Even though the growth in the mobile gaming market may have slowed down dramatically over the past few months there’s still plenty of scope for the multi-faceted platform and developers are still working hard at bringing fresh and addictive gaming apps for us to enjoy. With audiences and gamers everywhere constantly craving their latest fix of bite-sized gaming action we take a look at some of the games expected to arrive on iOS and Android this year.


With the phenomenal success of ‘Clash of Clans’ still continuing to attract hordes of new players on a daily basis there’s no better time for the developers to roll out an equally addictive app for players to enjoy. ‘Clash Royale’ from Supercell is another real-time multiplayer experience available on iOS. It was soft launched earlier this month and let’s you utilise cards featuring ‘Clan’ troops and characters in order to destroy towers.


It’s the perfect gaming app for fans of the long-running animated series and whilst it’s no ‘Simpsons: Tapped Out’ this new game developed by Wooga is still greatly challenging, vastly detailed and fun to play. There’s plenty of action and typical wry ‘Futurama’ humour on show and the game has cool animation and plenty of weird and wonderful worlds and characters to explore along the way.


Later this month comes Godzilab’s official release of their newest creation ‘Pirate Power’ and thanks to the instant popularity that their soft-launch gained back last year it’s sure to be a popular title. It’s another fine example of a mobile-based game that boasts a rich and fully detailed universe for player’s to investigate. You can build and customise your boat and participate in pirate ship combat and even receive special powers to assist you during battles and when you come face-to-face with the various big bosses you have to defeat.


If you’re new to mobile-based gambling then you can always get started with Royal Vegas in order to enjoy the latest and greatest online gambling action this year. But for those a little more familiar with bet-based apps as well as police procedural TV shows out there are sure to get a kick out of ‘CSI: Slots’ from GameLoft. Spin those reels and spot plenty of familiar faces as well as enjoy the min-games on offer as you make your way through the suspects in order to solve each case and win big.

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