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US and China Tension Ignites with Latest Technology Export Licensing Block

US and China Tension Ignites with Latest Technology Export Licensing Block

Tech tension between the US and China is further ignited with the prior’s move of blocking technology exports to the latter. The move comes from US tech companies, which are grappling with the proposed restrictions imposed by Beijing.

The US is blocking the technology exports correlated with the world’s fastest supercomputer, which is said to be a blow to hardware suppliers, including Intel Corporation, furthering the tension with the two nations.

China’s four technical centers linked with the supercomputer called Tianhe-2 has been put on the US government’s list of entities that work against the country’s foreign-policy interest and national security.

In fact, the supercomputer system that works with two types of Intel-manufactured microprocessor chips, along with an earlier entity called the Tianhe-1A, are allegedly used in activities, including nuclear explosives, based on a notice on February 18 of this year posted by the US Commerce Department (but request for comment wasn’t immediately acted on).

Last fall, Intel was denied of exporting license in supplying more chips linked to the supercomputer projects of China, said Chuck Mulloy, an Intel representative on Tuesday.

When requested to comment, three of the centers, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Inspur Group Company, a Chinese computer manufacturer that helped in building the machine, did not respond.

Well, let’s check out for the latest updates on this story. Where would this tension take the United States and China? That’s what you have to find out, so stay tuned in this blog.

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