Can Vivaldi Web Browser Challenge Chrome & Firefox?

Cofounder and former CEO of Opera launches Vivaldi web browser. The company says that the new web browser is for the web’s most demanding users.

According to Vivaldi’s CEO, leading browsers were reducing features to simplify the experience. He said his company has decided to work in the opposite direction and develop a browser packed full of new tricks and personalization options.

Vivaldi Web Browser
Vivaldi Web Browser for the web’s most demanding users.

Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Vivaldi Web Browser, said in an interview:

“There is really a need for a different kind of product in the market. And so we decided to build a browser with rich functionality.”

Vivaldi had been available for developers for the last one year. Now, when Vivaldi Version 1.0 has been officially launched, it includes various amazing features.

Here are a few features of the Vivaldi Web Browser:

Tab Stacks – It gives you the ability to drop tabs on one another to create a stack.

Tab Stack Tiling – This feature gives you the ability to view multiple pages open in the browser simultaneously.

Web Panels – With this feature, you can view small versions of the websites sidebar, which can be browsed along with the main window.

Notes – Mark and save excerpts of pages as notes that can also include screenshots.

The headquarters of Vivaldi is in Oslo, but the company has offices in Palo Alto in California, Gloucester in Massachusetts and Reykjavik. Vivaldi is also built off the open-source web browser project Chromium and users will receive updates every six weeks together with the Chromium source code.

You’ll be surprised to know that Jon von Tetzchner has funded the development of Vivaldi Web Browser all on his own. He said “With Opera, there was constant tension between shareholders and leadership, which made it hard to get anything done.”

Only time will tell whether Vivaldi can challenge popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox or not. If you want to try out the new Vivaldi web browser, you can download it by clicking here.

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