Windows, Mac and Linux can now run Android Apps

Google Chrome and Android

A new tool enables users to run Android apps on any machine that uses a Chrome Browser, the tool is released by Google and is called the Arc Welder. This is unique tool which wraps itself around Android apps and this enables the machine to run it on Windows, Linux and Mac machines.

The new tool makes is easier for developers to work on coding and this expands the environment for Android apps. Some developers think that it is a good idea to write apps which can be run natively than through separate software.

A tool was released in 2014; this software was designed to pave way for Android apps to be run on machines which have Google’s Chrome operating system. The Arc Welder works differently than the previous software. The Welder coverts Android apps so that it can be used with the Chrome browser, Google says that the technology will enable them to have the converted to work on phones and tablet as well.

Some developers are a little skeptical about the idea, while Google is seeking to find a way to have this working on every machine, there are many problems associated with an AIM as large as Google’s.

Sam Furr, director and co-founder of development studio The App Developers says that developing the apps natively is the best option because people still expect touch combinations and that is one behavior that is expected to be lost with the current development.

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