Amazon Prime Music launched in the UK to compete against Spotify and Apple Music

Amazon Prime Music streaming service launched in the UK to compete against Spotify and Apple Music. Users can access the Amazon Prime Music service on a wide range of devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, PC and Amazon’s Fire devices.

Paul Firth, Head of Amazon Music UK said:

“Choice is something we don’t see at play that much in the music streaming market, so if you are a music streaming customer you can either pay £120 a year, or you can be subject to interruptions from ads or other listening restrictions through one of the free services.”

Last year Amazon introduced its music service in the US and now it has used the database of UK based Amazon users to revamp the app particularly for customers in the UK. The app will let users stream over a million songs and 500 playlists, at no additional cost to customers who pay £79 a year for its enhanced Amazon Prime Music service.

Amazon’s Prime membership will also open the doors to Amazon Prime Instant Video, which is the company’s video streaming service, along with the faster delivery of physical items.

Mr. Firth added:

“We already have millions of Prime customers in the UK. From launch they will have access to Prime Music, giving them over 1m tracks to stream as part of their package for free. So our message to our Prime customers is the best music streaming service for you is the one you’ve already got. It’s called Prime Music.”

The announcement by Amazon came just three weeks after Apple introduced Apple Music, to compete with Spotify. Amazon said that Prime membership contains a series of services that will benefit users. Amazon Prime Music will be available on the existing Amazon Music app, which can be downloaded for free.

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