Stick’N Charge Tech Company K3OPS Chooses Green Over Greed

Choosing to go green over the greed of instant success is the sole objective of emerging tech startup K3OPS with their new Stick’N Charge technology.

The last three decades have been full of doomsday criers foretelling the imminent repercussions of our insatiable urge for carbon based fuel, our destruction of oxygen producing forests and our indiscriminate dumping of industrial waste into the ocean.

Then the 90’s were awash with horror stories of holes in the ozone layer, acid rain, melting icecaps and the greenhouse effect. There was even a popular animated cartoon ‘Captain Planet’ where the villains were big bad polluters. While the Democrats paid lip service to environmental issues, the Republicans dismissed them and took a back seat to more immediate concerns like war, social security and the national debt.

But as seen by the recent craziness over the ‘I am not a plastic bag’ canvas tote designed for Whole Foods, the growing popularity of hybrid vehicles and concerns about reducing our carbon footprint (total amount of CO2 produced by an object or service) suddenly environmentalism is sexy, hip and center stage. And the image makers in Hollywood have stood up and taken notice.

Stick’N Charge is the epitome of pure high-tech and elegance. Endowed with the best technologies available, the system uses and recycles the energy derived from the ambient electromagnetic radiation field to operate or to charge most of your electronic devices.

XIN WEI - K3OPS Co-Founder
XIN WEI – K3OPS Co-Founder

K3OPS co-Founder Xin WEI explained: “Because Electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health problem of the 21st century, we created K3OPS system to take from this invisible pollution all we can, to convert properly in order to generate a stable DC. We have pushed the boundaries of technology for you through resonant energy transfer. We deliver Home Automation BATTERY-FREE and introduce the NO CHARGE NEEDED that became the Stick’N charge, an ecological endless supply of energy. Our goal for smart phone is a two-step. Phase one is the release of a charge free smart phone. Phase Two, we put in the market a Battery free Phone. We test the second one and need to make sure that no matter what you will get power. we think it is important to stop using battery.”

The company has found a different way to store energy without a redox process. They’ve had proposals, meetings, and various companies contacting them for information. Xin says that they have never had to reach out to other companies in regards to their ground-breaking technology, they came to us, so we are not in a position to beg anyone for media attention.”

Xin recalled in a recent conversation “I consider Samsung as a top place, it went down, because of one person, I came back form a long weekend of work and I had an email from a person giving me his condition… So funny, I almost hit reply to remind me where the company come from. Samsung is a big company, but to begin they are also noodle makers and then a sugar refinery and eventually the largest woollen mill in the country. Then come the insurance companies… ”

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So where is the link with smartphones? We live in a weird society, advertising for a car are more about the attractive woman and the fact that the car is connected. Come on, wake up everyone, top model not be included. If you look at the number of phones coming out on the market every year, your head will spin. You go to buy the brand new 4G phone and the following day, too bad, they are talking about the 5G.”

Called me old fashion, I might be only a 26 years old, but I cannot be the only one who doesn’t get what this means. I might be the first one who dares to speak the truth, but if no one else talks about it, this situation will become a disaster. I am not against Samsung, I wish them good and more fortune, but to go further with a company, they better impress us.”

One email, from one person and I decided that I will not do it. I cannot end like this, although I do admire the people at Samsung, and if I was considering them as on the top of my list, it would be because of him. Also I am still convinced that they are doing great products. We too had people a bit weird working with us, like this guy at Samsung, well, I spot them quickly. I spoke with some developers from Tizen and my question was very simple, why? Why make a copy of Android? That does not make sense to me, honestly, between Apple and Android, we have the choice, so unless it is something totally different, I don’t see the point.”

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It is like all the criticism about Google, Facebook… I admire what they achieved. Many people want to be the next Google, but can’t they be something different? No, the best many do is to copy and then they think they created something new. That is not the case. In China we have been the factory of the world, does that mean that we can’t create? People judge us all the time. A perfect example is they laugh at the ‘made in China’ labels, but they should first have a look closer to their iPhone, it’s made in China, Samasung, it is made in China. “

We have brands that started to become a real game changers. Yes we make bad products when the clients ask for a price that’s not possible, but some company’s don’t respect their own customers and then they request that the factory uses the cheapest possible components.
We decided to use a French based company, to put together the French quality and as a Chinese person, to show what we really are able to accomplish. I am sure that quality is the key, it has always been and this is what we produce.”

So if for many companies ‘Greed is good’ was the phrase immortalized by Michael Douglas’ in his Oscar-winning turn as the unscrupulous corporate raider Gordon Gekko in ‘Wall Street’, the 1987 film that defined that era’s ‘more is more’ culture of excess. But today at least as far as K3OPS is concerned ‘Green is good.’

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