TECNO Mobile Partners With K3OPS To Launch First Battery Free Phone

After considering all the partnerships, K3OPS decided to start the adventure with TECNO MOBILE to launch the first battery free phone.

Xin Wei announcement is now written in stone. This is a major decision since many companies were waiting to be chosen one for this exclusive project. The only real consideration for the young and dynamic tech company is a long-term agreement with a brand, but more than anything, a brand that understand their customers.

TECNO Mobile is the right partner for us” announced Xin WEI – “I have been talking with George ZHU, the CEO of TECNO Mobile and I like his vision. His company is respectful and they do care about their customers. They make great products, since they know to make them, and they understand the different markets. George ZHU is a man with a vision, he reminds me Steve Jobs. I have been introduced to TECNO Mobile by Zi DING a great person that used to work with George and now founded a communication company. We are really proud to announce the partnerships, especially because the competitor should watch their back. Most companies just take, take and take while TECNO Mobile just give, give and give. This is what makes them the perfect partner to benefit of our technologies”

“You know” added Xin WEI, “I have been in several meetings, it was such a waste of time, you go from one department to another one and at the end you need to wait for a validation… they want to buy you, they try to take, but none of them except TECNO Mobile, really care about the product, they just see the opportunity to make more profit. Too bad for them, at K3OPS, we are givers.”

Zhen ZHANG is excited that K3OPS has teamed up with TECNO and exclusively with them. “It will be a game changer since they will be the only provided able to charge a fair price, the battery free is a serious killer. We know that soon other brands will try to copy, but good luck for them since they will have to challenge us and I doubt this is possible overnight. TECNO Mobile is actually leader in the phone market, but they are a discreet brand, they don’t brag, they do, and they do very well. We have more to come in term of collaboration with them, like Home Automation System, is a field that our company is in advance.”

People can criticize K3OPS for not giving a chance to any other brand, to not even considering Samsung anymore, but as he reported in a previous interview he has no order to receive from a company that are not able to create. Xin Wei is a brilliant mind, he envision the future so if he decided to go with TECNO Mobile, it is because he had taken in consideration what will be the best for all of us. Xin WEI is a great human being, most of us would have jump to the biggest name, he did not, to the contrary, because as he pointed out, the biggest name are good in marketing, but can they be good for the environment, can they find solution to make this world better or are they just trying to make money. So the predictions are simple, we are going to see more and more people carrying a TECNO phone because they are the only brand to offers a real service center to keep costumer minds at rest. Who really care except them if your phone is broken or if you have any problem with it? Just them and they are now officially the only one able to offer charge free smart phone and soon battery free phone, who can beat that?

After taking with Xin WEI, Zhen ZHANG and a few others from K3OPS, I can only assure you that those folks will keep their promises and remain with TECNO for a long time.

The first battery free phone model will be the T431 in October, so as they predicted, the revolution is on its way.

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