Amazon UK boss announces rapid expansion of Pantry home delivery service

Grocery stores in the United Kingdom would face a new challenge from an unexpected corner as the online titan Amazon has announced its plans to expand the pantry division. Amazon pantry was introduced in November for Prime members.

Buyers will now have the option to select from 4,000 branded foods and drinks, baby supplies, pet products, health and beauty products, the Guardian reported.

The service allows households to quickly stock up on items, with Amazon charging £2.99 for one delivery of a large box. “We are really happy with the early numbers”, he said.

Now, the online retail giant is planning to add thousands more products in 2016, United Kingdom chief Christopher North told the Guardian.

Pantry does not sell fresh food, but the venture’s success could pave the way for the launch of the Amazon Fresh service in the UK. Amazon fresh has reportedly been trail tested in London earlier this year. is growing in leaps and bounds. In 2015, the company made around $8.3 billion, exclusively from British online shoppers, but recorded sales of £679 million, with a profit of £34 million before tax. Worldwide, on Cyber Monday alone, those customers ordered more than 35 electronic items a second and Adele’s new CD, 25, every three seconds.

If a Colgate toothpaste or a can of Heinz beans are identical whether you buy from Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda or Morrison’s, how will customers decide which retailer is best?

Prime is Amazon’s multi-faceted membership scheme which offers Amazon Prime Instant Video, music, next-day delivery, and photo storage.

“The themes of speeding up delivery, bringing a more diverse range of products, and investing in our digital offering are the biggest areas for Prime”, he said.

10am was the point of the day at which Amazon gift card sales peaked, suggesting that plenty of people in the United Kingdom were happy to give the gift of safe shopping online to friends and family members, while avoiding the pain of having to pick out anything specific.

Amazon Adds Around 4,000 Products in its Grocery Range for the UK

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