Apple Reported a Decline in Its iPad Line for This Quarter

Apple Reported a Decline in Its iPad Line for This Quarter

While Apple is getting a lot of sales from iPhone 6, it cannot be denied that it is experiencing a decline of sales from iPad. Just this Monday, Apple made its Q1 earnings report for the fiscal year known.

According to the earnings report of Apple, the company sold more or less 12.6 million iPads for the Q1 period. Their sales performance is below the expected 13.6 million iPad sales for Q1. Now, the big question faced by Apple is that “What would be their next move for them to combat this decline?”

Well, there are a lot of rumors as to how Apple will deal with this one. Among the most common rumors is that Apple might release a brand new iPad model with fascinating features. According to the rumors, it might be named as iPad Pro or iPad Plus. Though it is not yet officially announced, many people are already looking forward to its launching.

Though Apple reported a decline to their iPad line products, their overall earnings report is still very strong once again. Their biggest revenue came from their iPhone sales, especially the sales from their brand new flagship iPhone 6.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, also announced that their iOS app store reported its best quarter in the history. It seems like Apple is really doing good for this quarter.

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