Apple’s Biggest Fear Comes Alive


Apple has not yet launched their Apple watch but there are copies available on China’s most famous online shopping service, Alibaba. The online store is selling the iWatch featuring the digital crown dials and a similar interface which are almost exactly the same like Apple’s.

But more research revealed that the watch is based on Google’s Android interface. The starting price for these watches is $40 which is technically a fraction of the price which Apple intends to charge. The Knock off watches does not have the heart sensor feature but this is not clear at the moment, their battery life is longer. This model is being sold of Taobao and it’s almost the same like the Apple iWatch in terms of graphics and interface but the sellers have made it clear that it is not the Apple iWatch.

Many slogans are now being used by internet news agencies who are concentrating on the phrase “knock offs” Taobao has responded by saying that they will remove any advertisements which are deceptive.

Alibaba also told the BBC that they are committed to fight against knock offs by working closely with their partners and associations.

The AW08 watch is a copy of Apple’s iWatch, the interface is copied from Apple but many experts think that there is a high demand for these counterfeit gadgets. The cell phone industry is also in the same conundrum and while there are international laws, there are many other tricks manufacturers use to get away with counterfeits.

But the Apple user will buy an Apple product.

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