Patch Released for the “Freak Bug”

Software Bug

Apple and Microsoft have released patches which are software fixes for the freak bug. The freak bug was is a web browser bug which makes a browser susceptible to hackers. The freak bug was a flaw which enabled hackers to spy on secure communications which led to a worldwide scare. The software fix was released after a week after the freak bug was made public. Users will need to install the software fix and restart their device. Google was the first introduce a fix to its Chrome browser last week but the Blackberry 10 browser is still susceptible as they have not yet introduced a software fix for the freak bug.

Karthikeyan Bhargavan discovered the freak bug made it public on the 3rd of March 2015. The freak bug works differently than conventional hacking; it actually lets the hackers push more data between a visitor and a weak site with a weak encryption.

Known as the “man in the middle attack” this technique is combined with the freak bug allowing them spy on internet users. Hackers can easily decrypt the information that they need and can see secrets that were believed to be impossible to hack.

Reports tell us that 9.5% of the top one million websites are vulnerable to these attacks. Cyber security experts think that companies acted swiftly to tackle the issue; on the whole, the response was very quick to a worldwide cyber threat.

Now, users have protection as Microsoft, Google and Apple have released their patches to solve the problem.

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