Christina Aguilera happy for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Interestingly, the nanny in question, Mindy Mann, has been observed mimicking the singer’s style, which somehow could be taken as a clue that things were bound to take a rather bad turn for the couple.

A three-year affair by Gavin Rossdale with the family nanny is being rumored as the reason behind his split with pop star Gwen Stefani. News reports that the day after Gwen attended the Gammy’s, her suspicions were confirmed. The nanny was soon fired, but the Bush frontman, 50, told Gwen that his relationship with Mindy was only “flirtation“, the source explained.

One of the couple’s other nannies allegedly found explicit texts and nude photos of Mindy Mann on the family’s iPad and showed them to Miss Stefani.

In fact, the insider claims that when the No Doubt singer gave birth to their youngest son, Apollolast February, her then-husband left the hospital to hook up with Mindy Mann!

source told Us Weekly that Mann also “began to post pictures on social media dressed in a similar way to Gwen”.

According to a source speaking to Us Weekly, the admission “completely devastated her. She was mortified, livid, and embarrassed. If being with Blake makes her happy, so be it”. “It’s weird because “Used to Love You” came out the exact same week as the 20-year anniversary of [No Doubt’s] ‘Tragic Kingdom, ‘ which just to me is like, ‘What are the chances of that?'” Notably, Stefani filed for a divorce that ended their 13-year-old marriage last August.

She has now embarked on a relationship with Voice co-star Blake Shelton.

People can just say whatever they want and they can just believe it”, she said.

Christina, who divorced Jordan Bratman in 2011, also spoke about how hard divorce is, saying: “I do know from my own personal experience how hard divorce can be”.



The nanny Mindy Mann with Gavin and two of his and Gwen's kids

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