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Cloaking Device Protects Soldiers from Shock Waves

Shock wave deflector patent

A new cloaking device is in the process to be patented; this device will be able to protect soldiers from shock waves. It’s a shield of ionized air and it damps the force of a shock wave and bends it.

The US Army has experienced much collateral damage due to shock waves from explosions and this new device will help in reducing the damage to the vehicle and the injuries to the soldiers onboard. An armored vehicle is equipped to handle debris from an explosion but is not able to shield against shock waves from explosions. The shock wave from an explosion can cause some serious damage to the human body because the wave can go right through the body causing critical trauma.

The device basically heats the air in front of the explosion, there is a sensor in the device which detects the explosion and activates before the wave hits the vehicle. A generator is connected with the device and generates the power that is needed, the process works like in science fiction movies. The process is similar to how lenses bend light; the device simply changes the direction of the wave.

A convex lens can focus a light and a concave lens spreads it, the glass surface bends light because light waves moves slower in glass. Similarly shock waves move faster in hot air and a certain shape of hot air will bend the shock wave. This is how the device acts like a shield and deflects the waves.

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