The Apple Watch: Finally

Apple Watch in Gold 2 Sizes

Now customers can pre-order the Apple Watch online. They can even try one at different Apple stores. Apple had decided to have their watches on display on various locations; the countries include Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Crowds are building up to see the new smartwatch all around the world. The expensive models are bordered till June while the less expensive watches are bordered for 6 weeks. The shipping will begin from the 24th of April.
People who are trying the watch are giving good feedback but they also said that there are more reporters in the store than actual customers who are interested to buy the smartwatch.

The Apple store in New York city on Fifth Avenue was also bombarded by people, the shop opened at 9am but there was already a small crowd outside waiting to get try on the new Apple smartwatch. But of course there were also some people who were just waiting to get their apple devices fixed.

Experts say that the watch runs smoothly, but Apple could have done better with the leather band as it feels like rubber.

This is Apple’s first major launch in a new segment since 2010, after the death of Steve Jobs. Apple was concentrating on the iPhone and the Ipad for most of its revenue.

The Apple Smartwatch starts at $349 and the special addition, which is an 18 karat gold version, starts at $10,000. The most expensive model, a 38mm 18-karat gold watch with modern buckle costs $17,000.

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