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Frankfurt 2015: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio makes debut

Alfa Romeo has brought the same Quadrifoglio Verde range-topping version of the Giulia at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show which is going to be offered against the Mercedes-AMG C63 S, the BMW M3, the Audi RS4 and so on.

To celebrate the Giulia name, badge and heritage, the Italian auto manufacturer showcased two gorgeous automobiles from its glory days.

Alfa has already confirmed that the Giulia is going to give its German rivals a run for their money and this is backed up with the competitive price tag of the Giulia Quadrifoglio which is revealed to be around the $70,000 mark. It’s the one most people will be interested in, as it focuses a lot on pure performance and the numbers make for exciting reading.

It’s unclear how similar the standard Giulia will be to the high-performance QV model, but you should expect to see the same triangular grille up front.

The aforementioned top-of-the-line Giulia QV will feature a 503bhp, 3.0-litre Ferrari-developed V6 engine.

Drive is to the rear wheels only, via a six-speed manual.

Weighing in at 1524kg the new Giulia can sprint from rest to 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds before going on to (eventually) max out at a jaw-dropping 307km/h. The system manages the action of the various features – Torque Vectoring, Active Aero Splitter, active suspension, brakes, steering and ESC system – according to the mode selected by the driver using the new Alfa DNA Pro. The various modes include Dynamic, Natural, Advanced Efficiency and Race. A curb weight of 3359 lbs and ideal 50/50 weight distribution also go a long way in helping the Giulia QV go fast. The bonnet and roof are carbon fibre, while the wings, doors and parts of the rear bodywork are made of aluminium. Its design is a world away from those of current Alfas: while familiar details remain in the cowled dials and chrome-ringed ventilation controls, the swooping dashboard and large central screen are new. Nevertheless, assuming the lap time is accurate, that makes the Giulia QV nine seconds faster than the quickest lap set by the BMW M4 coupe around the same circuit.

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE: Alfa Romeo Giulia

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