Burger King Adds Hot Dogs to the Menu

This new item comes as both Burger King and Wendy’s are trying to overcome McDonald’s, which has been in a slump for the past few years. The classic hot dog will sell for $1.99 and the chili cheese dog for $2.29. Yes that’s right, the home of the Whopper is looking to add hot dogs to its menu in what would make it the largest restaurant seller of the faux sandwich once it starts selling them at locations across the US later this month. “I wasn’t here, but I hear a lot about the popcorn days”, Macedo tells Choi.

There is no shortage of places to buy hot dogs – grilled, broiled, charred, boiled – yet people stand in a long line and go out of the way for the hot dog they want.

We’ll see if it’s BYOCS, or Bring Your Own Celery Salt. Burger King will also be offering a combo deals with fries and a fountain drink for $4.49 and $4.79, respectively.

The Grilled Dogs at Burger King will come in a pair of varieties.

Burger King hopes the new “grill dogs” are the flawless product as its restaurants can use the same grilling equipment used for burgers, and numerous same toppings.

MORE: Burger King calls for “peace” with McDonald’s – could it lead to the McWhopper? “We’ll be unique, too; the only [national chain] to offer flame-grilled hot dogs“. The chain has the most US stores of all other fast food chains. The hot dogs are coming from Oscar Mayer, which, like Burger King, is managed by 3G Capital, the private equity firm founded by Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann.

“The test markets in some of the big cities they had a year ago seemed to be pretty positive”.

The Gin & Juice rapper is in the video highlighting the new grilled dogs for B.K. employees.

Burger King Hot Dogs

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