Hawaii bill would legalize fantasy sports contests

The Florida Legislature put its stamp on a plan to legalize daily fantasy sports games Wednesday as two key committees approved a plan to impose regulations on the sport that mirrors the way the state regulates arcade games.

Negron, who will take over as Senate president after the November elections, said his proposal is aimed at making sure that people who participate in office pools – or who play the online games – don’t get into trouble.

State Attorney General Doug Chin this week said fantasy sports sites, like FanDuel and DraftKings, are illegal under current state laws.

Daily fantasy sports involves players receiving points based on how real-life athletes perform on a particular day. But she has yet to issue an opinion or discuss fantasy sports publicly.

“We explained to them how the games are played, we had our internal controls approved, and it wasn’t until just recently that all of a sudden they said, ‘No, ‘ ” he said. There is no clear indications as of now as to how much support Vorpagel’s bill will receive as Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have not commented on the new bill. Nevada has banned daily fantasy games while other states, including NY, are considering their legality.

New York’s attorney general began an investigation last fall after revelations that DraftKings and FanDuel allowed their employees, many who had information not available to other players, to play at each other’s sites and win large amounts of money.

Vorpagel has introduced Assembly Bill 800, which would regulate these websites which are already able to operate in Wisconsin under a federal ruling that fantasy sports are not games of chance.

The Regulated Industries Committee OK’d the “Fantasy Contest Amusement Act” (SB 832) with only two “no” votes from Sen. The Internet site has opened a DraftKings Fantasy Sports Bar and Lounge at the AEG-owned Staples Center.

Schoenke said, “Not only do I disagree, but obviously everybody else in the California Assembly disagreed as well, so he’s obviously an outlier”. The initial registration fee would be $150,000 and annual renewals would cost $30,000.

“No one in the world is interested in criminalizing” the old-fashioned office pool, Bradley said.

NY has declared that the activity is gambling, and the Texas attorney general recently said that’s also his opinion. “They want you all to know that if you cross them, they will come after you, too”.

The suit is the latest class-action suit filed against the daily fantasy sports websites.


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