How To Select A Web Hosting & SEO Company for your Small Business

Every company with an online presence needs to have a good understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), given the importance of the subject for their organisation, and to understand how strong SEO can make a big difference for a localbusiness. That being said, it can be difficult to find the right company to manage your SEO, which is what we will discuss today plus the web hosting services: Read more here for best dedicated web hosting services for small businesses especially if you have a wordpress website.

e8108f7c63e4de14ee14To begin with, take a look at what your competitors are doing. It may not seem obvious at first glance, but perhaps they’re doing small things that are making a big difference when it comes to the keywords and description on their search engine links, as well as what keywords are included within the site themselves. By identifying these steps early on, you are already getting ideas for how to boost your company’s profile, and therefore when you do approach an SEO management business, you won’t settle for the tactics that are second-nature, instead seeking something that will take your ambitions from just making page one to sitting at the very top of page one.

If you are looking for a company that can elevate your SEO to a high level amongst your competitors, then the next thing to consider is the feedback from companies, and not just typical reviews and star ratings. Should their site provide a portfolio of organisations that they have worked with, take a look to see where they are sitting on search engine pages. At Simba Digital we have worked with clients from all sectors including ecommerce websites ( ), restaurants to pet niches like dog ( and cats. If all or most of their companies are right at the top of Google or Yahoo pages, then this is a very good sign; but if they can’t be found, or they don’t appear at all, then you should ask whether they really would be the best option for managing your SEO.

The final factor to consider is whether the SEO company are accessible, and also whether they are versatile with services. If the SEO provider put out a description that isn’t quite right, but you are finding that it is taking days or even weeks to change this very minor aspect, this is not a good sign, whereas a company that are local and easy to contact can make such adjustments far more quickly. And when it comes to other services: if they know their stuff about SEO, there’s a fairly good chance that they are adept at the likes of social media management and blogging as well, meaning that you could end up making a bigger saving by having said organisation handle more than one task pertaining to your online profile.

Fortunately, Simba Digital are here to deliver the very best SEO management, thinking outside the box to ensure you get the results that you require. Learn more at

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