iOS 9 Review: Most Future Looking Update From Apple In A Long Time!

If you were looking for iOS 9 review, you have come to the right place. It is Christmas for all Apple fans again. The latest iOS from Apple, iOS 9 was released recently and all Apple freaks have been busy updating their device to the latest OS. Have you updated your iPhone and iPad too? You can easily get the update through OTA or iTunes.

iOS 9 review

As expected, observations are being made on how iOS 9 is different from its previous OS. The iOS 9 is available as a free update for all users of iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C and 6. It is also available for iPad 2 and all its successive models. The new update has stability, longer battery life and negligible bugs.

Here is the iOS 9 review:

As compared to iOS 8 which was about 4.58GB in size, iOS 9 is just 1.3GB. This means you won’t need to delete apps or songs to free up space.

Siri has a new home screen button which seems ill-conceived when you compare it with Google Now. The predictive engine of Siri is not really progressive. The reason for this could be the fact that Google has racked up a lot of personal information of users all over the world which is looked down upon by Apple.
However, in our iOS 9 review, we realized that our iPhone is now always gaining perspective of our likes and dislikes and suggests what we can do. The suggestions can sometimes be so exact that it is kind of scary. It suggests where to have breakfast or tell you its time to access Facebook.

The Back Button:
The mighty new back button has streamlined navigating between apps. Need we say more?

iOS 9 review back button

Battery Life:
We realized in our iOS 9 review that Apple has added certain tweaks that has increased the battery life of your devices by 1 hour! The screen won’t light up now on the arrival of a notification, in case the phone is lying with the screen facing down. The iOS 9 also gives users intricate information regarding the usage of battery by the apps on your phone.

For your iPads

MacBook-like controls:
You can slide around the screen to move the cursor by placing two fingers on the on-screen keyboard.

To run a second app, swipe left from the right edge. You can now play video in a small window while the rest of the screen is used by another app. This is done by tapping on an icon present on the lower right of the video. The video window can be moved and re-sized by pinching.

Overall, iOS 9 review makes us feel that iOS 9 is the most future-looking of all the updates from Apple in a long time. Apple is predicting that in the near future, we want devices which are smarter and have the ability to provide us with information which we not only ask for, but also deliver it before we even realize we are going to need it in the time to come.

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