iRobot Releases New Roomba 980 Is WiFi Connected Now

iRobot released the new Roomba 980, a brand new addition to its range of vacuum cleaning robots. This new robot has features like ‘App Control’, ‘intelligent visual navigation’, and connectivity with Wi-Fi.

Roomba 980 iRobot

Features of Romba 980

iRobot described Roomba 980 as the most advanced gadget to clean your household till date. It makes a map of your home as it cleans it using iRobot’s “visual simultaneous localization and mapping” technology or vSLAM. Until it is finished cleaning a complete level, it keeps tracking the location.

You can pair your Roomba 980 with your Android or iPhone using Wi-Fi. You can not only schedule sessions of cleaning, but can also check the cleaning history of your bot. Using a cloud-connected app added by the company this time round, you can order your Roomba 980 to tidy up your home while you are out. If its battery goes low, it automatically goes back to its home base and charges itself. After it is fully charged again, it starts cleaning your home at the exact same place where it left.

Roomba 980

The bot cleans more effectively in wide spaces as it can move in parallel lines. As it does so, it takes advantage of the built-in sensor suite to modify its pattern as and when required. That allows the bot to navigate smoothly under a table or around a mess.

The interface of the smartphone can be used to schedule clean up seven times in a week. You can set schedule of cleaning, begin or finish a cleaning job, keep an eye on cleaning routes and a lot more. It is smart enough to increase its cleaning power while cleaning a carpet or a rug.

Price and Availability of Romba 980

The Roomba 980 will be available from 18 September, 2015 in the United States. It has been priced at $899. It will be sold in Japan and a handful of European countries sometime after September.

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