Microsoft’s new Surface 3 tablet: Light and Small

Microsoft's new Surface 3 Tablet Computer

The new Surface 3 tablet is not only smaller than the previous version, it is also cheaper – that is more than enough to get the attention of new consumers.

The Surface is similar to the Pro 3 model which was released last year and that most prominent feature is that it runs on Windows software.

Microsoft was quick with this tablet; it’s going to be available on stores and this was announced on Tuesday.

The design is not obviously that dissimilar from the Pro 3. The model is so similar that one may need to read the label to know that it is a different product from the Pro 3.

There are a few reasons for that, the Surface Pro 3 has a 12 inch display while the Surface 3 has a 10.8 inch display, so that is not much of a difference. The thickness and color scheme is also the same.

The difference can be felt once you pick up the Pro 3, there is a difference in the size and weight, this one is a little big and heavy for the likes of a tablet, it weights at 1.76 pounds, still nowhere near iPad Air 2.

There is no fan in the Surface 3 that may have been adopted from Apple to reduce the size and weight of the device. Also the new Intel new Silicon: a quad-core Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor (2MB of cache memory, running at 1.6GHz with Intel Burst technology up to 2.4GHz).

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