Mobile commerce vertical added to the Apple app store

Haystack TV has been available on iOS for a few time now, and even comes with an Apple Watch companion app. The app’s user data has consistently shown, though, that viewers stay engaged with the news longer when they watch it on their television set. We still don’t know if apps are indeed “the future of television”, as Apple claims, but we’re enjoying the experience thus far. According to Mac Rumors, once a user gets prompted to the Indoor Survey home menu after keyeing in the user ID and password, an Authorization Failed message would pop up, essentially barring the user from exploring and using the app’s mapping abilities. “If your opinion differs from ours, this discreetly rolled out app by the company, dubbed” Indoor Survey”, will definitely change your mind.

Have enabled Wi-Fi throughout. A new, unannounced app from the Cupertino company appears created to make the iPhone comfortable in your world, too. The devices have been used in Apple retail stores and marketed to other retailers.

As you walk around the store, the app drops data points like virtual breadcrumbs.

Indoor Survey looks as though it’s an application of WiFiSLAM, a Silicon Valley firm boasting “indoor GPS” technology that Apple acquired back in 2013.

For now, there’s no need to install any special hardware on your iPhone since you can have a map via the app to help you reach a preferred venue.

If Crossy Road multiplayer doesn’t seem to work or want to connect, try force quitting the Crossy Road app on both your Apple TV 4 and iOS 9 device, and then reopen the apps. One snapshot showed that most of the top-grossing apps are games.

The Delhi Transport app is a 1MB download and is accessible for Android users through the Google Play store.

The app will notify friends who have picked a similar activity – all those up for brunch at the local greasy spoon, for instance – once enough people indicate they are free.

Compared to the iOS App Store, Apple did not add a list of the top paid, free, and grossing apps for tvOS.

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