New Inflatable Pillow Hoodie Will Let You Sleep Anywhere

A crowdsourcing campaign launched on Kickstarter in November is funding a rare sweatshirt which has an inflatable pillow inside its hood.

Coming up with an invention that will appeal to the masses is the goal of every creator worth his or her salt, and the folks behind the Hypnos Hoodie think they’ve done just that. Designed by Josh Woodle, and manufactured in the United States of A., the “Hypnos Hoodie’s” hood transforms into an ergonomic pillow with the flick of a switch.

Travel pillows often look funny or flat-out ugly, and even the more normal ones are still one more thing you have to rember to lug along wherever you go.

Have you ever tried to fall asleep while wearing a hoodie? The sweatshirt comes in two styles (a pullover and a zip-up) in two fits each (fitted and relaxed), plus a lightweight woven nylon jacket.

The pillow itself is invented to conform to your head, and it fully inflates in three seconds with the hidden valve.

As you’d expect, the Kickstarter campaign has various tiers for you to support.

The project has already surpassed its initial modest target of $30,000, with pledgers signing up in the thousands to get their hands on one of the sleep-friendly hoodies. Backers who pledged $49 are expected to get their items by the end of March, while the retail price for customers who order after inventory arrives will be somewhere between $59-$100, said makers of the “Hypnos Hoodie”.

This Amazing Pillow Hoodie Makes It Easy To Nap Comfortably Anywhere (Video)

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