New Medical Procedure can Change the Color of your Eyes

Blue Eye

Now anyone can have the strong gaze of Daniel Craig, a new procedure can turn brown eyes into blue. The color blue has always been a sign of attractiveness and is known to be a sign of beauty and assertiveness. Only 17% of the people in the world have blue eyes, the remaining use contact lenses to attain this elusive color but now, a new medical procedure can do that permanently.

This procedure is developed by Stroma Medical and is a laser based procedure. It eliminates the brown melanin in the layers of the eyes and turns the eyes from brown to blue. There is a simple that researchers and doctors agree on, that under every brown eye, there is a blue eye and the only difference is a very thin layer of pigmentation on the surface of the eye.

Stroma Medical takes that pigment away with a laser operation. The physics are the same for our sky, it appears blue because of the Rayleigh scattering of the sunlight.

The laser treatment was developed to eliminate the layer of pigment and the whole procedure takes 20 seconds but the blue eyes will emerge after a few weeks as the body starts to remove the tissue by itself.

According to Stroma Medical, this treatment was made to be affordable and safe. They wanted this procedure to be convenient and without any hassles. According to the reports of their medical board, they use a low intensity laser which cannot injure the patient, therefore the surgery is safe.

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