Nokia OZO 3D VR Camera unleashed by Nokia Technologies to make a comeback into the consumer market

At an entertainment industry event in Los Angeles, Nokia Technologies unleashed Nokia OZO 3D VR Camera to make a comeback into the consumer market. According to a statement from the Finnish company, the latest camera features eight synchronized shutter sensors and eight microphones to produce stereoscopic 3D video and spatial sound.

The Nokia OZO 3D VR Camera is designed particularly for the professional market and shoots 3D 360 degree video and also captures surround sound audio. The company has also commended Nokia OZO 3D VR Camera ability to preview the video footage instantly and does not require users to assemble panoramic images ahead of time.

Nokia’s mobile phone business was acquired by Microsoft in 2013 and after that Nokia Technologies, a subsidiary in Nokia was formed in 2014, which continues as the company’s R&D and licensing arm.

President of Nokia Technologies, Ramzi Haidamus, said in a statement:

“Ozo aims to advance the next wave of innovation in VR by putting powerful tools in the hands of professionals who will create amazing experiences for people around the world. We expect that virtual reality experiences will soon radically enhance the way people communicate and connect to stories, entertainment, world events and each other. With Ozo, we plan to be at the heart of this new world.”

The video game industry is expected to get a major boost from virtual reality gadgets because in the past year, almost every major tech company has announced or hinted its intention to take steps into the VR market. In March 2014, Facebook amazed the industry with its $2 billion acquisition of VR headset maker Oculus. Also, Google unveiled its “Cardboard” VR headset for smartphones.

Nokia OZO 3D VR Camera will probably start shipping in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to Nokia officials. The company has not yet disclosed the price and full specs of the camera.

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