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Photos show National Football League player Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand after fireworks accident

He’s quite literally kept the injury – or at least photos of the injury – under wraps since July. According to Pro Football Talk, the New York Daily News released some new pictures of Pierre-Paul and it shows his hand without any bandages following surgical procedures he had to fix his hand. They aren’t particularly pretty, as you might imagine.

But while that may be true to a certain extent, what the Giants seem most concerned about is that Pierre-Paul hasn’t disseminated much about the incident and what his true time table for complete recovery might be. After the initial report of the accident, Pierre-Paul’s camp had said the injuries weren’t significant. In addition to having his right finger amputated, JPPis also missing the tip of his thumb.

Pierre-Paul injured himself while shooting fireworks on July 4. If he and the Giants don’t reach an agreement by November . 17, his season will be over and he’ll become a free agent in 2016. Without an index finger, the common theory has been that Pierre-Paul will struggle to generate momentum off the line.

On Thursday morning, he tweeted, “I can’t think of the last time my index finger got me a sack.” That one year deal would be worth $14.813 million minus $871,352 for every game Pierre-Paul misses. It wasn’t reported that the 26-year-old lost part of his thumb until after he met with the Giants last week.

The Giants plan to reexamine Pierre-Paul at some time next month.

New photo of Jason Pierre-Paul's badly injured hand shows he's missing a

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