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Pinterest has now a number of 100 million monthly users

The firm’s users’ base is increasing at a rapid rate, forcing other companies to pin Pinterest ideas. “It’s more similar to a social network”, while Pinterest “is much more like a search engine”.

– About 70% of Pinners aren’t just visiting Pinterest, but discovering something so interesting that they’ve saved it or clicked on it to learn more. Earlier this year, eMarketer estimated that Pintereset had 47.1 million monthly users while comScore reported 75.8 million users. “People are planning out really core and important parts of their lives on Pinterest”, he said.

Perhaps more importantly for the five-year-old company, is that two thirds of content pinned on Pinterest is from the website of a business.

Only in the past year or so has Pinterest deepened its push into advertising, pitching itself to big brands and marketers as an avenue to promote their products. But it’s going to have to do a bit more in order to better convince investors that it’s worth an $11 billion valuation-around $110 or so for every monthly active user on the site.

Over the year or so the firm has also started marketing ads through its platform. It tells Quartz that total users doubled in the last 18 months, while worldwide users have doubled in the past year, coming to represent 45 percent of its total base.

As you view Pins, Pinners and boards, you’ll be able to search for them later right from your iPhone or iPad’s search screen. Some of these are dinners that people will cook next week.

The site is wildly popular among fashion enthusiasts, with almost 300 million Pinterest “boards” dedicated to the topic, according to the Pinterest statement.

Pinterest has reached '100m active users more than 70 per cent of whom are actively engaged&#x27

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