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Some Of The Best Smart Phone Apps For Android Phone

An overview of some of the best smart phone apps I’ve found as an Android user

Android has been around for quite some time, however, I never got the chance to use an Android based devices in all these years. First, I was using an iPhone 3gs then I moved to Blackberry and then iPhone 4S and so on. However, with the advent of a lot of Android based devices, I thought to give it a try. So, I bought an Android phone and found it quite interesting.

Android can be found on nearly 87 percent of the mobile devices in the world, which is a huge number by any standards. There are more than 1 million apps in the Google Play store which means it has almost every app that the App Store offers.

So, after using it for a while, I decided to overview a couple of apps which I found quite interesting and useful. In this post, I will share my experience with those apps and how they can engage and enhance your experience with Android based devices. So, let’s dig in straightaway.

AVG Antivirus

Usually, people don’t take their mobile security that seriously, but it is very important to have an Antivirus on your Android based smartphone to protect your data from intruders, especially if you are using it to make in-app purchases or Google Wallet. I have tried a couple of Antivirus, but AVG Antivirus is far greater than any other antivirus software for mobile. It is a free app for Android, and offers a lot of features and protection to secure your phone from viruses, malwares and other threats.

In case you lose your phone, you can find it with AVG Antivirus. The app offers a feature, which you can enable by turning Find/Locate Option, it will secure your Phone from theft. It connects to Google Maps and shares the location of the phone. You can also free your memory by killing running apps and tasks, along with lock and wipe data to protect privacy, and scheduled scans.

Go Backup

Although I am not very fond of keeping backup, but our smartphones are almost doing and storing everything for us. So, it is a very good practice to keep a backup of your smartphone’s data every now and then. I have tried a couple of apps including the built-in app offered by my mobile phone company, but I found Go Backup a wonderful tool to make a backup. The app is one-stop solution for all your backup needs. You can take backup of almost everything including but not limited to: your phone contacts, messages, call log, and also the applications installed with app data. The app keeps the back to your SD Card. You can automatically restore full backup or choose what to restore manually. It is a very handy tool.

Leo Privacy Guard

Privacy is an important factor for many of us, when it comes to smartphones. There are many apps that lock folders, apps and data. However, the best app I found is Leo Privacy Guard. With more than 10 million downloads the app offers a simple privacy lock that will lock every app you mentioned during setting up the app. Using this app is simple, in the beginning, the app asks you to set a pin or pattern maze to unlock the app. Then the app offers you two modes, Home and Guest. You can lock apps in each mode by just tapping on the list. Once you are done with the selection, the app simply asks you turn on-off a mode. Each mode will lock the app you mentioned earlier. You will have to enter your pin or pattern maze each time you try to open an app. The app is simple and fast. You can enjoy other features of this app too, which includes clearing memory by uninstalling apps. Overall, it is a wonderful privacy app.

Google Fit

You may already have Google Fit on your smartphone, but that depends upon your smartphone’s makers. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful app for fitness enthusiasts. The app not only helps you track your activities, it also collect and represent information collected from third party devices and apps. For example, the app offers you insights coming right from your Android based smartwatch. This way, you don’t have to move from one app to another while running, cycling, or any other fitness activity.


I have discussed some useful apps which I am using on my Android based smartphone, you can try these apps too. Meanwhile if you think there is more to add in this list, feel free to mention it in the comments section below.


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