YouTube CEO not afraid of fast moving competition in the online video market

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO, said the company is not afraid of fast moving competition in the online video market. She seemed quite calm and confident on stage while speaking about YouTube’s plans for the future at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colorado.

For a long time, YouTube has been the default home for video on the Web. But its strong position in the online video market is now being challenged by new competitors in the market like Facebook, Spotify, Snapchat and Vessel.

How YouTube is different than other online video services?

YouTube CEO said that the Video views on YouTube are quite different from video views on Facebook. On YouTube, users, particularly click on the video clips to watch them, while in Facebook’s News Feed, native video posts start autoplaying when they are shown in a user’s feed. If a video is autoplayed for three second, it counts as a view allowing Facebook to tout stats like having 4 billion views per day, while YouTube prefers to track watchtime.

YouTube CEO also said, “We want our users to engage. We want them to not be channel surfing. We want them to say, ‘I saw a video, I cared about that video, I commented on that video, and I continued watching it.’”

According to a study, the five most influential celebrities for the U.S. teens are all from YouTube, rather than from Hollywood or the music industry. The top YouTube stars include PewDiePie, Michelle Phan, Smosh and some others. According to our sources, Facebook is trying to lure these top video creators from YouTube to their platform. YouTube CEO also said that the company’s top priority for the coming future is to make YouTube more mobile friendly as nearly 50% of YouTube’s views are on mobile.

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