IBM steps into the Fitness Arena

IBM Watson Health

IBM has recently launched a new fitness device will make sense of the data in apps and fitness trackers. Named as “Watson health” the device is a cloud based data sharing hub that can make sense of data.

The device has the ability to provide diagnosis or health alerts can also be sent to doctors with the permission of the user.

Apple and IBM have also teamed up to launch an employee health and wellness management solutions. They may be buying a couple of firms to help them achieve their objectives with the digital medical record systems. IBM wants a complete picture on the factors that affect the health of people.

One of the biggest issues involves privacy as there is concern of this technology being used to diagnose the condition of a patient. The Federal trade commission in the US has criticized some apps like the one which claimed to diagnose cancer. Another concern is the sharing of health data, companies like Jawbone are hopeful to use fitness trackers to monitor a workforce.

IBM is looking for consent, insurers are also looking forward in monitoring customers, . UK health insurance firm Vitality is incentivizing policy-holders to take up a more active lifestyle by offering rewards for certain tasks that can be tracked through personal fitness devices.

At the moment it is difficult to gauge on how much exercise is required for a patient but on the bigger scale the data could be very helpful for providing support to doctors and patients.

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