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Solitaire Is Making a Comeback on Windows 10
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Can you remember the times when Clash of Clans, Sims Village and other popular games were not yet around? What was our cure for boredom back then? These are none other than the old yet classic computer games including Minesweeper and of course, Solitaire! Here’s good news for all of

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Newest Windows OS to Be Released in July

This summer, Windows 10 OS is about to be released whilst Microsoft persistently releases details on the said OS. AMD, Microsoft’s hardware partner has already reported a loss of $180 million during the first quarter. Nonetheless, its CEO, Lisa Su believes that the release of the updated operating system can

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Windows 10 Logo

Well, if you like desktops and laptops where you can install both Widows and Linux than you are in for a surprise because Microsoft has decided to make desktops and laptops which will only run on Windows 10. Users will not be able to use any other operating systems; In

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Windows 10 - New Start Menu

No exact date has been given by Microsoft yet about the release of Windows 10 but it is expected that Microsoft will launch Windows this summer. Microsoft says that they will launch it later this year which is a little vague but we know that windows 10 will be launched

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