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Solitaire Is Making a Comeback on Windows 10

Solitaire Is Making a Comeback on Windows 10

Can you remember the times when Clash of Clans, Sims Village and other popular games were not yet around? What was our cure for boredom back then? These are none other than the old yet classic computer games including Minesweeper and of course, Solitaire! Here’s good news for all of us: Solitaire is making a big come back on Windows 10.

This popular card game will just be one click away from us in the coming launching of Windows 10. It was The Verge that first reported that Redmond is planning to make Solitaire a part of Windows 10. For sure, those Solitaire fans will love this news as they will no longer have to download it just to have this on your Windows 8.

Hearing Redmond is planning to make a built-in Solitaire game on Windows 10 is not a surprise. It is because in the past, Windows already admitted that Solitaire, along with Hearts and Minesweeper, have a solid fan base. In spite of this, they still decided not to put these games as built-in games on their Windows 8 – something that made fans sad about the launching on Windows 8.

It has also been announced that Windows will be releasing its brand new OS – Windows 10 – this summer. Many people are already waiting for the updates that will be made on this OS.

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