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Watch Out for Nintendo’s Mayweather-Pacquiao Game Version

Watch Out for Nintendo’s Mayweather-Pacquiao Game Version

The “Fight of the Century” did not live up to the minds of many fans across the globe, expecting another version might come soon. From the opening round, Floyd Mayweather appeared to be strong and controlled the entire match. From then on, he was out to win, doing exactly what he needs to do and technically took the majority of the rounds. In the end, he won the match.

Many spectators labeled the fight as underwhelming and boring. Today, a huge number of boxing fans are asking for a rematch, however, no comments from the official producer and promoter. In relation to this, different television shows have spoofed the so-called “Fight of the Century”, creating their own versions, usually funny ones.

Recently, Saturday Night Live had already given their viewers their own edition of the fight of the century. Their version showed Mayweather being defeated by Manny Pacquiao. Other TV shows from offshore have also patterned their segments from the recent match. But, the time has come for the Noober Goober Gaming to showcase its own version of the show.

Similar to the video game by Nintendo from several years ago – “Punch Out”, the most recent boxing fight was recreated through this Nintendo game. Of course, it is Mayweather-Pacquiao bout, taking the fight pretty amazing. There are also references to generating lots of money.

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