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PlayStation Now Membership to Reach Even Those Without Sony Consoles

PlayStation Now Membership to Reach Even Those Without Sony Consoles

On May 12, Sony’s PlayStation Now will reach PlayStation 3 users with more than 100 games to choose from. There are over 100 PS 3 games currently available to stream on the said service, but Sony has announced that more titles are coming, including Sanctum 2, F1 2014, Fat Princess, Farming Simulator, and Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce.

PlayStation Now is available through an open beta on all major PS systems, but will be rolled out to Sony Blu-Ray Players and Samsung TVs as the company attempts to bring gaming to those without Sony game consoles.

The cloud save functionality alone would allow gaming across devices through the PlayStation Now service. A blog post has revealed that gamers will soon have the ability to activate a 7-day free trial in order to assess the service, which the company hopes would bring in more PlayStation Now subscribers soon.

More games will be added to the service every month, according to the blog post, offering new and relevant archives of games. Now, gamers are hoping that the latest games will be rolled out on the service as soon as their release dates.

Currently, the subscription service costs at $20 every month, but the company has been offering $45 for 3 months. This is simply equivalent to better value for money for longer subscriptions, which is totally unlike Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription.

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