What Is the Main Problem Regarding Twitter Ads?

What Is the Main Problem Regarding Twitter Ads?

Twitter is among those popular social media sites these days. No wonder why this platform is being utilized by entrepreneurs to post ads. However, there is a major flaw in using Twitter as a tool for advertising and marketing.

Bonobos, a clothing retailer, is among those companies using Twitter ads to boost their sales. Nevertheless, they found out that there is a problem or difficulty when using Twitter Ads. They realized that it is difficult for entrepreneurs to track whether potential customers from Twitter bought something or not from the firm after seeing Twitter Ads.

With this kind of problem, it will be very difficult for marketers to determine whether their investment on Twitter is getting a return or not. Also, it is almost impossible to know whether this kind of marketing strategy is effective or not.

Due to this kind of problem, Bonobos decided to cut down the amount it spends for Twitter Ads. Though entrepreneurs love the fact that there are millions of Twitter users all around the world, it is not possible to see many entrepreneurs trimming down their Twitter ads investment even when Twitter is now offering a brand new fee structure for Twitter ads. It is because they do not really see it as the best place to invest their ad dollars, especially when it is difficult to track down its effectiveness.

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