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Xiaomi Michigan 4c set to be released on September 22

Xiaomi is expected to stick to its philosophy of offering the best hardware at an affordable cost and the Michigan 4c shouldn’t be any different.

The Xiaomi Michigan 4c is an improved Michigan 4 which is an exclusive model in India.

Not long ago, a Xiaomi teaser confirmed that their next smartphone, the Michigan 4c, will be officially unveiled on September 22nd.

Xiaomi Mi4c is no secret, considering the fact that the company’s President cum Co-Founder already clarified that on Weibo. The Chinese smartphone maker will be holding an event on this day and it will introduce its newest device to the world, the Michigan 4c. It will be paired by a 3GB RAM in the 32GB variant, and a 2GB RAM in the 16GB variant. The latest leaked box packaging details of the Xiaomi Michigan 4c had revealed that the handset will be powered by QUALCOMM’s Snapdragon 808 processor, paired with 2GB of RAM. Whether the phone will feature a MicroSD card is still not known, but it is highly likely that the Michigan 4c will support dual SIM 4G LTE.


As we have been telling you before, the handset is expected to arrive with a USB Type-C port, but according to Bin, given that the technology is in its infancy, not so many people will be glad that Xiaomi has chosen to go with this new standard. As for the pricing of the 32 GB model, it will be around $235 USD. The phone will then hit store shelves on October, 3. The sales growth of the company over the past year was a success. All in all, although USB Type-C is futuristic and all that, we can still live without it. And apparently Xiaomi knows what the buyer wants.

Image Bin Lin  Weibo

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