10 Best Apps You Can Use To Build Your Vocabulary!

Vocabulary is the building block of any language. When you want to learn a new language, it is the vocabulary that challenges your learning ability. Once you do overcome this hurdle, it becomes significantly easier for you to learn the other parts of a language.

For new learners, the challenge of learning the meanings of different words can be a big obstacle. So here we come with some of the best apps that can help you learn the meanings of new words with ease:

  1. Com

This app makes the vocabulary building a more fun task. Based on the gamification, the app allows the users to memorize the different types of words. This app is integrated with artificial intelligence which makes it easier for the users to search the right word. In a corpus of more than 12,000 meanings of words, you can learn a lot of words.

  1. Magoosh

Created to prepare the students for entry tests, this app can be a real help for students who want to grow their vocabulary. It is a quiz-based app and the users have to pass the different difficulty levels to score higher. It is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

  1. VoLT Vocabulary App

Abbreviated as Vocabulary Learning Techniques, this app is particularly helpful for students who can’t retain words longer in their memory. With this tool, they can use different techniques to memorize any word. Integrated with mnemonics, this app uses the imageries as visual cues that the users can use to recall any word. The app is available for free on Google Play.

  1. Bluster

An app by Mcgraw Hill Education Inc., Bluster is another vocabulary building tool that uses the gamification model to increase the vocabulary of the users. The app offers a single and multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode allows different users to compete with each other.

The game is divided into different grade levels where players can compete with each other for synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, homophones, and synonyms, etc. The app has more than 800 words.

  1. PowerVocab

PowerVocab is a word quiz app that can help you build your vocabulary. It is based on the model of different quiz methods, such as crosswords, scramble, anagrams, and hangman. You can play the quiz individually or enter a contest against another player.

It uses flashcards to improve the memorization process. You can see the words in the form of flashcards and then you can go through the quiz to further memorize the word.

  1. A Word A Day Widget

As its name suggests, A Word A Day Widget is an app that will introduce you to a new word every day. The app sends you the definition of one word daily along with some good example sentences. It is available only for Android.

  1. Vocabulary For IELTS

For IELTS learners, this app is a real treasure of words that commonly appear in the test. The words in the app are divided in terms of topics that include education, family, health, work, and academic words. The app is popular for its simple interface that anyone can use without any hassles.

  1. Word Joust 6-8

This app is specifically designed for the schoolers between grades 6-8. The collections of words were taken from the reading materials of Middle school. The design of the app is based on the battleground backdrop and the users have to surpass the different obstacles to reach the master level.

It comes with five types of games. The games offer a different set of activities that include Scamble, Hangman, Troll Trickery, and Cohorts of Soldiers. The app also lets you track your performance.

  1. 7 Little Words

7 Little Word is an app for the people who love playing crosswords puzzle. It is a game-based app that uses the concept of crosswords to build your vocabulary. The crossword puzzle is divided into 7 definitions and tiles along with 2-3 letters that you have to put in the right place to form the seven words.

  1. English Dictionary Daily By Awabe

This is the best vocabulary app for novice learners of English. With this app, they can build a phenomenal vocabulary in a quick time. The app uses different topics and levels to increase your word power. It takes a linear approach to improve your vocabulary. So you will be able to grow your vocabulary by starting from learning the basic words to more complex words. This will enable you to gradually learn the English language and become an expert.


The aforementioned are some of the best apps you can use to build your vocabulary. Use them in your daily learning activities and you will be able to increase your vocabulary in a quick time.

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