Apple may launch new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle tomorrow

Last month, Apple launched its music streaming service and it was thought that the company has forgotten its music devices. But, according to a report from French website, Apple may launch new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle tomorrow.

What are the reported updates for new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle?

According to the translation of the French report, Apple will add new color options to the new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle. The new colors could include fuchsia, electric blue, gray, pink, classic black and gold. Earlier this month, some of the new color options were spotted on iTunes version 12.2, including a beige or new gold color for the Nano and a darker blue for the Touch.

Fastest iPod Touch

It has been rumored that the most prominent update will be featured on the new iPod Touch. It is believed that the company will unleash its fastest iPod Touch, which will be powered by a 64-bit processor instead of the current 32-bit processor. The device’s camera will also reportedly be updated along with the storage capacity. The new software for iPod Touch has been designed to streamline everyday tasks and become more intelligent and attuned to individual needs.

After launching the streaming service “Apple Music”, Apple may launch new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle tomorrow. Some believe that it is the perfect moment for the company to introduce music-related products. Also, a few keen users noticed that the pictures of the new iPods included the Calendar app which was dated July 14, so we can expect that these new products are set to be launched tomorrow. These are all rumors, but due to the reputation of the French website we can expect these rumors to be true.

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