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Electronics Factory in Shenzhen

Apple has banned bonded labor after an audit of factory conditions. They believe that the fee should not be paid by the employer but by the supplier. Apple started the audit after facing some criticism; the low wages earned by Apple workers was questioned. Apple’s senior vice-president of operations Jeff

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Google Health Info

Google has recently introduced a new health feature which will help users find out about medical conditions. Apart from traditional links, this feature will give users complete medical illustrations and possible treatments. The service was developed with the help of doctors but the service itself is not a substitute for

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IBM Watson Super Computer

IBM’s supercomputer Watson is reaching new heights, yes he is learning Japanese, with that the supercomputer technology is being pushed to its limits extending its boundary. Watson became popular after an appearance on the famous TV show “jeopardy”. Softbank (a Japanese telecom heavyweight) has teamed up with IBM and is

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Acer v15 Nitro Black Edition

The gaming world is filled with compact dreams and BANK ACCOUNTS, top of the line gaming laptops can go over $2200 and many users may want to get the best with an affordable price. It seems that Acer has adopted this strategy to target these users with the V15 Nitro.

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Ubuntu Smartphone

The E4.5 Ubuntu edition will go on sale on the 9th of February and will be the first ever Ubuntu phone in the world. Here are some of it’s features: 4.5 inch QHD display. MediaTek 1.3GHz Quad Core Cortex A7 processor. 1GB of RAM 5-megapixel front camera 8-megapixel rear camera

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EM Railgun
Military TechTechnology

This week the US Navy and Marine Corps unveiled their new Electromagnetic Railgun at the Navel Future Force Science and Technology EXPO at the E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. The new Railgun was developed by the Office of Naval Research and BAE systems and has the ability to

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Revenge Porn Image

Kevin Bollaert , the owner of a website ( in which people uploaded compromising images of ex-partners has been convicted of identity theft and extortion at the San Diego County Superior Court. He will be sentenced at a later date and could face up to 20 years in prison. The

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Kevlar Fiber

Researchers at the University of Michigan have created a lithium-ion battery from Kevlar fibers. Using Kevlar not only prevents fires but can store more power in the same space as traditional lithium-ion batteries or make them smaller for the same amount of power. Kevlar is best known as the stuff

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