US MegaBots Challenge Japan To Giant Robo Fight

Are MegaBots mechwarriors the future of international sports?

The 4th of July is almost here. This time of year, Americans celebrate everything that’s great about being American. US-based MegaBots is no exception, although they show their pride in a different way.

With the tagline “The future of sports – Giant Fighting Robots”, the MegaBots builds real working war robots – currently armed with paintballs. One can’t help but looks at these mechwarriors as being pioneers in what could be the future of sports.

Recently, MegaBots felt confident enough in their latest products to challenge Japan to the first Robot Fight of this caliber.

“We have a giant robot, you have a giant robot—you know what needs to happen,”

they proclaimed in their recent challenge video.

If the video above does not give you a clear picture of the size and power of these machines, how about a few robo-stats on Americas MegaBot Mark II:

  • 12,000 pounds
  • 15-foot-tall
  • fires three-pound paint cannonballs at over 100 miles an hour

Japans “Suidobashi” robo-stats are a little different and could be their strength or weakness, depending on how you look at it:

  • 1,100 pounds
  • four-wheeled legs that can move at about six miles per hour
  • equipped with twin Gatling guns and targeting system

Although the challenge has not yet been accepted yet, possible battle plans could take place as soon as June of 2016.


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