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Germany orders United Airlines flight back over bomb threat

On this day of remembrance, September 11, United Airlines Flight 902 en route to San Francisco was forced to return to Frankfurt, Germany due to a bomb threat. All luggage and people on board were searched but nothing was found. Nobody was detained in the incident.

The flight tracking website listed the plane as a Boeing 747 passenger jet that was “diverted” and had not landed at its intended airport. Altenhofen said Friday’s flight was cancelled by the airline and has been rescheduled for Saturday.

Some stranded passengers posted frustrated Twitter messages from the airport, saying that United Airlines did not immediately explain why the plane returned to Frankfurt or why German authorities were inspecting their luggage and passports. The flight was cancelled because of a disruption in security.

“Our customer service team at Frankfurt is providing assistance to customers and is making arrangements for them to complete their journeys”.


The threat, which was sent by email, still is under investigation. 14 years on, the incident is still fresh in the minds of many and still influences social sensibilities, art and culture, and foreign policy.

Bomb Threat

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