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This Is It — Honda Civic Sedan

Honda is displaying the model to illustrate the Tourer’s vast cargo space and its versatility, not least by showing how two fully assembled road bikes can be transported in the rear, complete with moody blue neon lighting.

Honda plans to unveil their C-segment Civic Tourer “Active Life Concept” at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, giving outdoor lifestyle consumers a taste of things to come, maybe.

Honda gives the Active Life Concept a look that betrays its sporty intentions.

Not only does the Active Life Concept transport bikes and gear, it also serves as a sort of mobile bike shop. The Civic Coupe concept was first revealed at this year’s New York Auto Show in April, and then a few weeks later drawings from patent fillings were leaked of the both the coupe and sedan. The exterior will be further highlighted by a custom paint job. The rack includes an extendable arm that holds the bike under the tailgate for repairs and maintenance, while an integrated pump ensures that a forgotten floor pump never stands in the way of properly inflated tires.

We don’t get to see the interior in these photos, but our spies caught prototypes featuring a roomier cabin with improved materials, leather upholstery, large touchscreen display and heated rear seats. The Active Life also comes with its own water tank and front wheel holder. Other clever storage solutions include a special aero shape roof box created to accommodate essential cycling accessories such as shoes and helmets.

The swooping lines along the side have carried over from concept to production, and even the alloy wheels have a hint of the concept version’s look.



Honda's Active Life Concept estate makes room for bikes

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