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How YOUR Business Can Use Snapchat for Marketing

You only have 5 minutes to read this article before it destroys itself.

As marketers, we have been taught to keep our eyes of the far and the distant – i.e. build brand over time; make many memorable impressions; and create something that actually becomes the part of the cultural sphere that will take your product to the next level along the way.

So why would self-destroying ads – ads that only have life span of few seconds – be the next biggest thing in the marketing industry? There are certainly few benefits of using Snapchat to introduce new products, give a unique voice and personality to your company, and separate yourself from the crowd.

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How small business can use Snapchat:

  1. Launch new products: –

Taco Bell uses Snapchat really well. They have several employees display their new products through several snaps, thereby, creating a Snapchat story of the product and why should people go and check it out as soon as possible.

Taco Bell uses Snapchat well because they talk in the language of their primary audience – teens and millennials in the 16-35 age bracket. They often use emoticons, which is the preferred way of texting messages of the 18-35 age groups. Therefore, if you use formal language without seeming desperate or snobbish, most users will not bother engaging with your brand at all.

  1. Provide quick video answers to customers questions/issues:

Snapchat allows you to quickly communicate with your customers and provide assistance in real time with 2-10 seconds photos or videos, which many companies are not doing yet.

Let us say a customer snaps a photo of your product saying he/she cannot open it from its package, saying it is too difficult to unwrap. You can span a photo or create a 10 seconds long video showing them exactly how to do that, which not only answer their question, but also makes you appear someone who cares about his/her customers.

  1. Send out exclusive promotions:

Taco Bell created a Frozen Yogurt Chain 16 Handles marketing campaign using the Snapchat, which gave their customers varying discounts when they visited one of their stores and opened up a Snapchat account from the company at the register. The customers did not have any idea about how big of a discounting they were going to receive until they were ready to pay for their frozen yogurt.

Companies having an e-Commerce or online stores can use this fleeting nature of Snapchat to send out exclusive promotions to their customers, while at the same time engaging the users on the new platform.

This helps you build a brand loyalty as well as build up your audience base on the social app.

  1. Show how fun it is behind the scenes:

Like other social media apps, Snapchat was created to allow users to have fun while connecting with the people they love. Most companies already successful on Snapchat marketing campaigns have heeded to this same spirit.

You can do this by using your Snapchat account and show users things that they would normally would not see on other social media sites or through most marketing campaigns. This gives them another reason to interact with you on the platform.

The NFL team Philadelphia Eagles uses Snapchat really well. They already have thousands of connected users and they use Snapchat to share promote their new products as well as send footage of game preparation and locker room sing-a-longs.

  1. Stand out from the crowd:

Many companies are not using Snapchat though its numbers are growing significantly. If you get ahead now, you will be a Snapchat expert by the time the rest of the crew join. In addition, you will also be able to take full advantages of the latest Snapchat feature releases, such as creating stories of your brands and products using multiple snaps and videos, chat to answer question in real time, as well as the ability to display breaking news (they are still working on this feature).

Snapchat is already a formidable force in the social media marketing scene, especially for those companies who wants to connect and convert with highly coveted, lucrative, and influential millennial demographic. To use Snapchat for business marketing, make sure to follow these 5 essential marketing tactics (discussed above).

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