BitTorrent collaborated with Onehub to provide hybrid enterprise file sharing service

BitTorrent collaborated with Onehub, which provides online file storage and sharing for world renowned companies to add strength to their enterprise sync and share solution. BitTorrent Sync will make Onehub Sync faster and also the enterprise tool is now more effective for very large deployments.

BitTorrent said “Sync is ideal for organizations with hundreds of people, or individual workgroups, but large enterprise deployments often have more specific business needs.” This is the only reason that Onehub is the company’s foremost enterprise app partner.

BitTorrent collaborated with Onehub, How will the customers be benefitted?

Onehub has been testing out the beta version of its latest syncing product with users for the past few months. After BitTorrent collaborated with Onehub, it will offer various benefits to customers which are as follows:

1. Speed: Onehub Sync will instantly update all of your collaborators, when any changes are made to any file. Syncing time has decreased to a great extent, since only new changes are to be synced instead of complete files.

2. Reliability: Whenever users will open Onehub Sync, it will automatically start updating files with the latest version from your collaborators. Users will have multiple sources to access the latest version of files, since all collaborators are kept current.

3. Security: All the data and file transmission between peers is provided bank-level encryption by Onehub Sync.

Erik Pounds, BitTorrent’s Vice President of product management said in a blog post “Their solution has features that require the cloud, like being able to view a document without being able to sync it. That’s a good use for the cloud. At BitTorrent, we are building a file synchronization product. To sync files between two or more devices, cloud storage is a costly and inefficient component, so we do not use it. The Onehub Sync solution is able to take advantage of this to quickly sync files between devices, while also quickly getting them up to their cloud.”

BitTorrent collaborated with Onehub to provide hybrid enterprise file sharing service. Onehub Sync is now available for a free 14-day trial on Windows or Mac and when the trial period is over it will cost around US$29.95 per month for up to three users.

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