K3OPS Provides Energy on the Move – Talks about a Google AI Friend

K3OPS, the company behind Stick’n Charge is like a non-stop factory in term of innovation. Recently Xin WEI gave an inside that was surprising; but those folks seem to be few steps ahead of our time. “Yes we are proud to provide a green alternative energy that is respectful of the environment; we now include our harvesting system in home automation since it avoids the wire and reduces the cost. What I envisioned while we started this amazing journey few years ago, was and remains to build together a better tomorrow, where technology is a tool that helps. I will give you an example, Google pushed the boundary of tech, with for limit the sky. I can only admire and respect those who dare imagine a different future. ‘Google Now’ is a fantastic, this application is able to select choices based on your preference, so we already worked on an algorithms that makes the use of part their technology but we added a little twist.”

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A little twist coming from the co-Founder of K3OPS, when pronounced those words we were all like ‘what did pop up on his mind this time. For a quick reminder, they have been working 4 years in a field that everyone failed; they offer a hybrid system able to harvest in different RF, using a unique and organic digital to analog converter to deliver an endless source of energy at no cost to operate or to charge all our electronic devices. The sentence pronounced by Xin Wei was like another bomb. He was playing with his Rubrik’s cube during the interview, a 49 square per side.

“I kept all my toys, I do have all the Rubik’s cubes and some child stuffs like my Furby, and I kept them for a long time and for a good reason. – He added with a smile – when you say ‘Ok Google’, you can send an email, ask for a search, do many things and it’s extraordinary. Now what people really need? They need to be reconnected, so imagine what we can achieve with the tremendous advancement of Artificial intelligence; you can easily picture an ‘AI Friend’. The twist is: with an ‘AI Friend’, you don’t even have to ask! It actually can sense your needs. A reliable ‘AI friend’ because the system is not made to judge but to guide and advice, an ‘AI friend’, with all the knowledge that can be collected from billions of information already stored, an ‘AI friend’ that will never betray you. No worry, this ‘AI Friend’ is totally secure, the connection use Qubit, so no data can be stolen. With time, you can authorize your ‘AI Friend’ to share with other ‘AI friends’ nearby, by changing the level of trust, but with time only, to begin, ‘AI Friend’ will be an advisor.”

We wanted more, this was too tasty and the appetizer too good. “You want an example, ok, it is Saturday night and you are lonely, your ‘AI Friend’ is aware, actually he has anticipated to speak out loud some choices. Remember you carry your ‘AI Friend’ in your pocket all the time, so (he) knows you. Well, this particular evening, (he) digs around, and found others ‘AI Friends’ in the exact same situation like you nearby. ” And Xin WEI concluded: “All the technology should be use for the best, and for some strange reason, it seem to isolate people. That can be easily corrected, for the best.”

Time out, He finished to reassembly all the side of his Rubik’s cube and won’t disclose more. It’s actually Saturday Night and I don’t have an ‘AI Friend’ yet, so I might watch some sport on TV.

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