Samsung’s S6 Galaxy With Rounded Edges

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung steps into the “curve zone” with the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung has decided to sell 2 versions. One of the models will have a curved body. It has a feature which will allow users to conveniently get informed of important information. This model will be sold for a higher price than the standard model which is not curved, other than the curve feature, the specifications are the same.

Apple has sold more phones and Samsung has lost a considerable amount of market share to Apple but Samsung still remains the world’s number one brand.

The two phones have a 64 bit processor and are designed to be efficient and powerful than before. Samsung says that they have learned from their mistakes and will repeat them again. They have made some changes which include the Touch Wiz interface which will it easier for users to use the phone. But the phone is not water proof and is very delicate. The back frame cannot be removed and there is no option for a micro SD card.

The Galaxy S6 Edge has a curved screen and has some unique features, many experts say that the company has made serious efforts in refining their product are though they are dealing with severe competition, they are doing well.

It is obvious that Samsung has taken customer feedback with the S6, many experts think that the softwares are “Al dente” and gives the users a good experience. The design is contemporary with clean and smooth lines making it a “pleaser”.

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