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Scientists have Found a Mysterious Massive Black hole

Monster Black Hole

A black hole which is 12 billion times bigger than our sun is discovered, researchers in China are saying that this black hole was formed 900 million years after the big band. This is the biggest black hole seen yet.

Black holes are still mysterious among many scientists because the rules don’t apply to them, they are dense and have gravity which is extremely powerful, space collapses and even light can’t escape its gravitational pull.

The Black hole is named SDSS J010013.02 – and is 6 times larger than other black holes which are known to man. Scientists think that the creation of black holes are a mystery and is a challenging entity to study, they think that the understanding of these black holes will bring them closer to the mysteries of the universe.

Some researchers are calling it the power plant for the brightest quasar of the universe. Quasars are the beacon of light which can be described as a giant disco ball.

It was previously thought that the light from a quasar would limit the potential of a black hole but this black hole was behind the quasar and scientists are baffled on its growth and mass, usually, the quasar should have pushed it back and this lead scientists to the conclusion that the black hole may been from a large gas cloud and not from a star.

The black hole gained exceptional growth in a very short period of time and that is one question which is still unanswered. Scientists think that this is an exceptional discovery and will lead to further surprises.

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