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The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Survival Kit

A common fear found among many is the question “what would I do if a disaster struck and how will I survive?” Answering this question, a new rugged kit is in town will everything that one could hope for during a time of crises. Safety and survival are the top most priorities of anyone who would face such a situation.

This kit includes a knife, a gun, emergency signal flare, fire starter kit, a compass, a flashlight, para- cord and batteries. This solution is made by Taurus to counter any crisis that will help users counter it.

The revolver included in the is called the Taurus Judge and can fire 45 colt rounds for longer distances, it also uses a .410 round for short distance. The revolver is made to lay down the law as per their makers. It weighs around 29 ounces and has a matte stainless steel finish and a ribber grip.

Next is the knife, the legendary survival knife made by A.G Russell. This is a tactical knife with two edges and is made to last. With a contoured shape, the knife is made to last and is forced 1050 carbon steel, this is the same allow used for samurai swords.

The flash uses EPLI (Executive Precision Lighting Instrument) though it looks like a pen but is a powerful flash light which also won the NRA’s 2013 American Hunter Gear of the Year award.

The emergency signals are all purpose, they are light strips which are adhesive and are the next generation light strips which have replaced the previous chemical light strips.

Then there is the fire starter and the 550 survival para cord bundle, both is essential in an extreme situation where survival and safety is at stake.

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